On Thursday 29th June, our whole school was lucky to have the team at Constable Care come and perform for us about Getting to School Safely.

We had 4 sessions throughout the school, with all students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 involved.

The show began with a 7 year old girl named Hannah who was walking to school with her Aunty, together we got her to school safely. Hannah then hopped on her bike and we explored the safe ways to use our bike to get to school. Then Hannah asked her Aunty to drop her at school in the car and we again explored what Hannah and her Aunty must do to safely get to school.

Overall the students thoroughly enjoyed the show and the overall vibe amongst students was positive.

We then went back to our classroom and surveyed how each of us get to school. We found that in our class, the majority drive, but only by 1 student, but if we put walking riding and scooter to school, the majority get to school actively. We talked about some barriers faced by the drivers and found that most of the reasons were because they lived far from school, however it was concerning to hear that some do not ride as they don't want to leave their bikes or scooters in our bike racks as they are exposed to the elements as well as being worried that other students may damage their bikes, as our bike racks are directly outside our year 4/5 classes.

Overall it was a great incursion, enjoyed by all, and it was great to carry on the conversation to the classroom and complete the follow on activities provided by Constable Care.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Nice class reflection afterwards Amy! Helpful feedback regarding bicycle safety concerns for future conversations / planning perhaps. Did you pay for the incursion using Your Move points? That's 25pts for Constable Care visit and a bonus 10 🙌🏽

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What a great incursion East Butler PS (Sophie- City of Wanneroo).

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