Creating and Meeting with our Student Team

Amy Utley
East Butler Primary School

Today we met with the wonderful student leaders. We currently have a student leadership team in place at East Butler Primary and asked them if they wished to take part in helping implement the Your Move program. They were ecstatic to be on board.

I met with the students to discuss the program and what it entails. I showed them the Your Move website, we watched a presentation and looked at some of the wonderful things that other schools are doing. We then brainstormed some other ideas and how we can make it work in our school. They came up with some brilliant ideas that I hadn't even thought of. We are very keen to get students enthusiastic about becoming active when getting to school.

We have set our first task of doing our hands up survey and will meet again to study the data and see where we can make some positive changes. The student leaders have asked to speak at next weeks assembly, so we will meet again to decide what we will be speaking to the students about. I am loving the enthusiasm from the student leaders and look forward to what is ahead!

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Amy! Well done for engaging with the student leaders. Ecstatic is an excellent start 🥳! They have earned the school 60 points for forming as a YM Team and you have earned another 10 for your engaging story content. I look forward to your updates on the HUS results and the Team's presentation at assembly. Until then, have a super-duper weekend 😊.

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