Today we completed our application for the WA Bike Month Grant.

Applications are due by this Friday. Our school has applied for the grant in the hope that we can upgrade our Kindy and Pre Primary Area. We are going to be losing a demountable soon and so we are hoping to be accepted for the grant so that we can create a cycle path for our younger students. We are hoping to be accepted so that we can paint a cycle path with road signs that imitate a real life road environment.

Many of our students do not own bikes and so we would use some of the grant to purchase tricycles, balance bikes and some 2 wheeled bikes to cater for all needs of the students. Our students would use this area at recess and lunch as well as subject areas, such as Numeracy, e.g. directional language, Literacy, e.g. procedures, narrative writing etc, health, focusing on safety to name a few. Being accepted for this grant would mean so much to our younger students, especially seen as many haven't ever sat on a bike.

We are hoping for a positive outcome, so please cross your fingers and toes for us!

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James (Your Move)

Good luck 🤞🏼everyone at East Butler! If it works out make sure you let us know how it all goes 😊 and we can give you the 40 grant points when it is aquitted. For now you have earned 10 points for sharing your reflection on the application.

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