Last week, I had the opportunity to present Your Move to all the staff at East Butler Primary. I explained what the initiative is all about and what it would look like for our school context. All our staff were extremely enthusiastic and keen to help out and promote to the students. We had a look at the Your Move website and analysed some of the data from the hands up survey. We were all very shocked to see the increase in driving, even though our school numbers had dropped. We had risen by 2% in 4 years, but our school numbers had halved, showing students had a reliance on driving to school. We brainstormed ideas to encourage students to be actively involved in getting to school and we had some great ideas that we are soon to implement.

One of the ideas from our sports teacher, was to implement a walking bus to coincide with our running club. In a few weeks time, running club will be commencing and many of the students in the past have driven because of the early start times. We have approached parents and have a team of mums who are going to facilitate the walking bus to school on running club mornings. I'm looking forward to getting this started and seeing all the enthusiasm!

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Oh my goodness Amy - it is all cylinders firing at East Butler at the moment 🌟 Awesome news about the Walking School Bus. I hope the How to Guide for Walking School Bus is helpful. There are some tips on using maps to your advantage. That's 70 points for running an in-house PD 🙌🏽

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