Today my class had a look how each of us got to school this morning. We discussed ways we can get to school and students said that they can walk, ride their bike, scoot or their parents drive them to school.

We did a small hands up survey in class and saw about 50% of students had drove to school that day. We had a chat about some of the barriers that the students faced that day in coming to school. We discussed that sometimes driving is the only option, but what about if we parked a little away from the school and walked the rest of the way, which the students thought was a great idea! Some students said that their parents had to go off to work straight after and we understand that sometimes driving can be unavoidable.

We then looked at some other reasons and found that just over half of the students who drove were because they were running late for school, so we set a challenge. Before they go to bed tonight they will pack their bags and get their clothes ready to save a little time and see if they can use their extra time to walk or ride to school. I can't wait to see how they go!

We then discussed the upcoming National Ride to School Day next Friday and watched a short video about what it is and how they can get involved. We then made posters that we will put around the school and in classrooms to promote the day. A few of the students will be going around to classes to speak to the other children about the day and what our school will be doing.

Our student leaders have also begun regular announcements on the PA to promote the day.

We are all looking forward to dusting our bikes off and getting back on them to get to school!

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Oh what a great goal for the students to set! Nice won Team East Butler! That's 25 points for the 'Simple Activity' and 15 bonus points for student content and great detail - thank you 🐋

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