On Monday we did the classroom activity: Active travel.

We had a lengthy discussion about ways students get to school and the benefits of active travel. We linked the lesson with history and had a look at and a discussion about our parents and grandparents mode of travel and if they think they were more or less active. Most students could see how the times have changed from their own parents, who would have been more likely to ride or walk to school given that there were less cars on the road. I discussed stories from my own family about the ways my Grandparents walked and rode in the snow to get to school as there families didn't own a car (which they were blown away about).

We then brainstormed the mental health benefits of choosing to be active in getting to school and how this effects our day in the classroom. We then looked at the recommended amounts of daily exercise for students their age and got into small groups to discuss ways that students can fit the recommended exercise into their every day lifestyle. We then gave the students that are facing barriers ideas to come to school in different ways other than cars and challenged them to do it at least once this week.

We then finished the lesson off by doing posters on National Walk to School Day (rather than the footprints) so that we could spread the word of this important event to the wider community. Fantastic lesson that the students really enjoyed!

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James (Your Move)

What a jam-packed lesson Amy - well done for covering so much 😊! I love that the kids left with ideas on how to use AT once a week. Well done too for weaving in promotional material for NW2SD. You have earned 25 point for the lesson, plus 20 points for so clearly outlining all the outcomes. Have a great week 😁.

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