On Friday the 24th March our school participated in National Ride2School Day. Of the 273 students who came to school on Friday, we had a huge 210 who walked, rode, skateboarded or scootered to school. That is a massive increase from our hands up survey with 77% of our students choosing to get to school by physical exercise.

On the day we noted lots of positivity around the school. Students were excited to see their friends riding or walking and we had so many more students join us for our Friday morning breakfast club! Our students particularly enjoyed seeing some of the teachers hang up their car keys and walk to school.

Our student leaders were around to assist on the day and our teachers handed out raffle tickets, stickers and temporary tattoos to students. We are looking forward to our raffle that will be drawn on Wednesday's assembly.

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Congratulations on your increased uptake of bike riding East Butler Ps, wow! Keep up the good work (Sophie- City of Wanneroo).

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James (Your Move)

What a super result Amy - 210 happy walkers and riders 😁. Thanks so much for sharing all the fun with us! You have earned 40 points for your event, 10 points for sharing those excellent participation rates and another 10 points for a simply lovely story!

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