On Wednesday I presented to staff members in our staff meeting a small video presentation of the Ride2School Day that we participated in last term.

I then discussed with them our focus this term in 'Your Move'. As our school is an Act, Belong Commit school we will be linking 'Your Move' together to encourage positive mindsets.

We are participating in Mindful May and so we are going to have a mindful colouring competition for the students to participate in. Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd as well as the winning class that has the most entries. Teachers have been asked to present a short lesson in class next week on the benefits of actively walking to school, they will then introduce the colouring competition. Younger grades will simply colour a picture of people walking to school. The older grades, years 3-6 will colour and include in the picture the ways that they actively get to school. The winners will be announced in Week 6's whole school assembly.

We presented the next event we will be involved in, which is National Walk to School Day on the 19th of May. We will be holding a breakfast for students in the morning as they arrive at school from 8:00 - 8:25 which will be hosted by our already amazing Breakfast Club team. We will be changing the menu for this special occasion to our regular breakfast club menu and will be putting out regular notices daily for students to remember.

All staff were very enthusiastic for the upcoming events, and we are looking forward to another exciting term!

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

How wonderful that you could schedule time to facilitate this in house PD for staff Amy! That's 70 points. Congrats ✨

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