Reflecting on our Findings of the Hands Up Survey

Amy Utley
East Butler Primary School

Today we completed our hands up survey across the school. We had some very surprising results and it was very interesting to see the students who walked/rode/drove or used public transport. Before completing the survey I met with our student leadership team and we discussed what we thought the results looked like and made some predictions. We originally thought that having families live so close to the school, we wouldn't have many who drove to school. We were very surprised with the results indeed!

After surveying the school, I met with the student leaders again and we collated the data in excel and looked at in a graph. We discussed why it was important to minimise the use of cars around the school and why we should promote students to walk and ride to school.

We found that a whooping 57% of our students choose to drive to school, and this amount had increased in the last 3 years by 2%, even though our school numbers have dropped. We brainstormed some of the factors why students may have chosen to drive to school and if those numbers would be different on other days, such as colder days, days we offer breakfast club, start of the week vs end of the week etc. We have created a date to meet again to launch our ride to school day and encourage physical activity. We look forward to what's ahead!

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like a very productive team meeting you had Amy. Great to hear how the students engaged with the data and that R2SD is on the agenda. You earned 10 points for your meeting this term and 20 points for sharing all the outcomes. You also earned 50 points separately for uploading your Term 1 HUS results.

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