We were one of the lucky schools last year to receive a Safe Routes to school access guide. This information is vital and will be promoted on our school newsletter. We held on to the safe routes to school guide to ensure that they will have optimal use for parents.

Yesterday we handed out to every student in the school, a safe routes access guide to coincide with our National Ride 2 School Day. That way we were ensuring that we were keeping our students safe of their rides to school and they would be used by families when talking to their children about safety on the roads.

We are also having issues with parking at the school, so we were able to hand out some leaflets to our parents in relation to parking and to encourage more active travel to school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Amy - thanks for updating us on how you have used the Access Guides that were produced last year - this update has earned you 10 more points. Have a lovely weekend and see you soon for the details of how today's big event went 😊.

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