Our school has been selected to participate in the Telethon's TREK2School Study this term.

The TREK2School Study is being conducted by the Telethon Kids Institute in partnership with the University of Western Australia and the WA Department of Transport. Our school is one of 25 primary schools and 12 secondary schools invited to provide information about the prevalence of active school transport among students.

This is a great opportunity for our school to examine and see in depth how the environment surrounding the school influences student behaviours in actively getting to school.

The TREK2School Study is a comprehensive investigation into active school transport within the least and most walkable school neighbourhoods in Perth. The TREK2School Study aims to examine which factors are important for students walking and riding to school.

Our school will provide valuable information about traffic, parking and road safety in our school community, which will help to develop guidelines for creating safer routes to school. The findings will be used to identify pedestrian safety concerns near our school and potential solutions for addressing these concerns. We will receive a summary of the findings specific to our school.

Our school will receive a comprehensive, individualised school report detailing: - How many students currently use an active form of transport to your school and how often - How many students want to walk and cycle to your school, but don’t - The most salient barriers and facilitators to active school transport as perceived by the students themselves and their parents/carers.

The TREK2School Study will be implemented this term. All students in Years 5-6 will be invited to complete one confidential 30-minute online survey at school, during class time. The survey asks questions about how they usually travel to/from school, how they feel about walking or riding a bike to/from school, and some general demographic details (e.g., age and gender).

This is a great opportunity for our school to understand some of the barriers students face as well as strategies we can implement to help students get to school by riding or walking. We look forward to seeing the results and implementing change!

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Good on you for helping build the case for supportive interventions East Butler PS! That's 10 points for your awesome break-down of TREK2School. I will also consult the team further regarding activity points.

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