We are thrilled to be the lucky winners of the Super Boost! Last term we entered the Super Boost competition and were lucky enough to be chosen as a winning school.

As part of the prize we have been awarded the participation in the Teacher Accreditation Course for Cycling. I am booked in and raring to go. The course will be run at Perry Lakes and I will receive a hands-on experience in the delivery of bicycle education. The course comprises of both practical and an online component. I feel incredibly lucky that our school was chosen, and I can't wait to upskill and take it back to school!

Thank you Your Move team!

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Well done East Butler PS! I look forward to hearing how you get on with the Teacher Accreditation Course for Cycling, Amy! (Sophie City of Wanneroo)

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Woohoo! Congratulations Amy. I am so excited for this new cohort of PE Teachers to have this opportunity. You will be one of the 2023 trail blazers in WA, bringing essential bike (life) skills to their students. Post again after your first course delivery, for 'Bike Education Sessions' 80 pts.

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