Your Move Network Meeting (1)

Amy Utley
East Butler Primary School

On Wednesday the 7th February, I had the opportunity to participate in the 'Your Move' Champions meeting, hosted by the wonderful Sophie.

In this planning session, we were able to meet with other Champions from other schools and collaborate and gain ideas to see us into this new year. I was able to discuss some ideas with other champions and jot some ideas that we will be able to use at East Butler Primary School.

I was given the activity schedule and was able to take this away and plot some ideas that would be great for our school.

We were given some resources, such as pamphlets and bin stickers, which we are going to distribute to the Kindy parents.

It was an invaluable session with many new and innovative ideas. Looking forward to the next one!

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Hi Amy, great to hear that the networking meeting was so productive and to see what you discussed and thought about. 25 points for this meeting attendance and 20 for your story detail. All the best! 😊

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