Yesterday we nominated our student leadership team for your move. The team consists of 12 Students who are already part of the student leadership committee.

We had our first meeting about our upcoming National Ride 2 School Day. We welcomed everyone to the meeting and discussed the roles needed. We have delegated roles for our ride to school day. We will have some leaders on the gates with our Councillor, Glynis. We will have some student leaders helping with the breakfast club and some leaders will coordinate the helmet parade.

The day is looking to be a huge success. We have planned to meet again next week to brainstorm ideas for Term 2.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing all the prep for today's NR2SD. You have earned 10 points for this team meeting (you received the 60 points for setting up your team on Feb 3) and another 10 for sharing the details of what you covered in the session. I look forward to hearing how the event went today 🙂.

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