We began our ‘Your Move’ journey after attending a Living Green information afternoon provided by the City of Stirling. We registered for the National Ride2School Day and this was our first whole school event. Whilst we were extremely motivated to begin our whole school efforts, CoVid19 had a different plan.

We are glad to be up and running now. This term our Sustainability Squad has begun recording how many children use the various modes of transport to school every week. We are hoping to improve the number of children who consistently ride or walk to school which will have wonderful benefits for everyone.

We have a great photo of our bike rack at the beginning of our journey.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Joanne - and welcome to Your Move! I'm James and I review all stories posted to make sure you don't miss out on any points and also to help you with any queries. I'm glad to hear our friends at City of Stirling facilitated you getting involved with YM. You did a great job of getting your first story up and linking it to the right activity. Normally I would also give you points for your W2SD event and getting a team together, but I have a sneaky feeling that you will post some more stories on those activities really soon - so I'll save the points for then! See you soon!

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