A challenge has been set! Sometimes among new activities it is hard to gain the momentum. Although throw a challenge in the mix and all of a sudden it gains some more traction from staff.

Strava is an app which was already being used by a couple of staff members and together the team created opportunity and encouragement for everyone to use the app. We encouraged our team to track their ride, share their walk and take a picture of the adventure they were setting out on.

We found Strava had a positive impact on staying connected and what we could achieve together as a team. Even though individual’s may be undertaking activities alone sharing them with the team allowed for inclusive interaction and encouragement. It wasn’t without the occasional forgetful start and getting half way through an activity before actually pressing record, and getting used to using Strava but this feature will now be an ongoing social interaction for our team.

Incentives to encourage staff to participate are always a bonus and we were going to hand them out at the end of the month….but we have extended until the end of the year! Let’s see what our team can achieve.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Tarni! Thanks for sharing how you have used Strava to create your own AT challenge - this could be really inspiring for other workplaces 🤩. What incentives are you offering? Are they from the Your Move shop or do you have some other ideas? You have earned 50 points for setting up the challenge and another 20 points for sharing so many details.

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Hi James, yes incentives from the Your Shop are always great. We are also thinking of trying to put on a light breakfast or morning tea to celebrate the use of strava later in the year.

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear that the YM incentives go down well 😄. The Strava celebration sounds like a good plan - I'll stay tuned on that one!

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