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In 2016/17 the Share the Space campaign, ‘Don’t be a Stevie’, addressed a number if priorities identified in the EMRC’s Regional Road Safety Plan, Regional Integrated Transport Strategy and by local governments involved in the TravelSmart Officers Network. The campaign aimed to increase awareness and safety of community members who walk, cycle and drive and sought to coordinate and build upon the ad-hoc “Share the Road” and “Share the Path” messages by a variety of local governments, by developing characters into marketing and communication materials including video format.

In 2020 we are excited to announce we are refreshing the campaign! It aims to highlight different scenarios that we all have experienced from time to time, to raise awareness of the needs of people with disabilities, experiencing fragility or using motorised equipment. In addition, the campaign will highlight a number of grey areas around road rules and footpath etiquette that can impact on the enjoyment and safety of people using these spaces.

When we interact in shared spaces, particularly when we are using different transport modes, we can misunderstand the good intentions of others, or demonstrate behaviour that causes confusion or frustration. The campaign aims to start conversation around behaviours that could help us all share the space in a safe and enjoyable manner.

‘No matter the case, share the space’, is EMRC’s new motto for our up and coming #SharetheSpace campaign. Watch this space!

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James (Your Move)

Wonderful to see you back on YM Tarnika! Thanks for letting us all know about our upcoming campaign. Can't wait to see the materials when they come out. For now I have given you 10 points for sharing the details of your new campaign. How are the plans going for active travel in EMRC as a workplace? Do you have any plans for events or promotions within the organisation?

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