This October the EMRC sent all staff an opportunity to join in on Bike Month. From previous years’ experience as a team we find it’s best to include a variety of activities for staff to uptake over the month.

The variety of activities included morning rides to work, group rides, coffee walks, afternoon walks and rides. For us bike month is more than about just riding a bike we also like to educate staff about why we are choosing these options. For EMRC it is all about getting active and out into our natural environment, as well as reducing our impact on the environment.

Our first morning we had two staff ride to work and we had multiple staff join in on a morning walk. The keen beans who rode, one hasn’t jumped on their bike for most of the year and the other a first-time rider! It was really great to see new staff getting involved and making the effort for the first week of October.

When walking is offered we often have a higher turnout in our workplace than riding, frequently due to distance to work and also owning a bike. This is why as a workplace we like to provide diverse options for people to enjoy. On the second week of October we had another walking group who took their own initiative to get together and head out before work. This saw everyone bring their own keep cup to use at the local coffee shop, a sustainability win!

By providing staff with a calendar of options to walk, ride and use alternative modes of public transport throughout the month we expanded the opportunity for staff to join in on Bike Month. Due to the influence of some team members the EMRC have now purchased workplace Smartriders from the Your Move Shop! This is to further encourage use of public transport to meetings in the City or close by, EMRC are trying to reduce our emissions even further.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Tarnika! I really like your diverse approach to promoting active travel during Bike Month - mixing in walking events is clearly an effective way to increase engagement. Great to hear that you got at least one complete newby into the joys of bike riding 😊. You have earned 40 points for getting involved in Bike Month, 20 bonus 'outstanding' points for the broad approach you have taken during the month, 50 points for the EMRC's uptake of Smartriders and 20 points for your detailed and engaging story.

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