Pin the Seat on the Bike is a game adapted from pin the seat on the donkey, nothing like bringing back good childhood memories. Along with morning tea this activity was to get people involved and thinking about active travel in a fun way, without having to use a bike or take time beyond work time. We found staff relaxed after seeing the first person give it a go, staff were able laugh and have fun.

The room was dressed in Bike Week flyers, an A1 bike image and handouts of the EMRC bike week calendar. This created an environment which was welcoming and diverse to an office space, it encouraged staff networking. Morning tea was supplied and has always been a great draw card for staff to come and participate in activities.

As staff entered they were given a paper cut out of a bike seat, in which they wrote their name on the back. There were bike seats placed off the paper, close to the seat and we even had two very lucky staff who managed the big score of pinning the seat on the bike! There was involvement from all different service areas of the EMRC and it was very enjoyable morning.

The prep for this game was very simple; it involved printing out an A1 print of a bike (making it colourful to suit the bike theme), cutting paper bike seats and putting together a quick morning tea. To get staff involved you may even ask staff to bring something to share for morning tea, this promotes great interaction and commitment to the activity. Even though it is based on an old school party game there was very positive feedback and all staff that joined in had great time.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Tarnika, What a good turnout and great tip about making it a 'bring a plate occasion.' I've given you 10 bonus innovation points because I've never heard of another workplace who has played pin the seat on the bike :-) Can't wait to hear what you get up to next.

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