Starting off Bike Week 2019 with a BANG! There are many events planned this week at the EMRC, and there is something for everyone! We have noticed when planning rides that people may not have bikes or they may live too far to ride. So we have provided staff with activities which are done in house, this gives every staff member a chance to get involved! We will be hosting a bike quiz, a bike themed morning tea, a spin class at our local leisure centre and two morning rides.

Our first activity was a reminder that there are different types of people, different types of levels and everyone is there to give it a go. Having a champion stay behind to make sure everyone is comfortable at a certain pace is great,it supports staff when they’re trying something new. By providing a meeting point along the trip is ideal as everyone can be social and stick together. It means the group doesn’t get separated even though there may be different levels on the trip and everyone can still enjoy the activity as a whole.

It was a beautiful morning on Friday the 15th to kick off bike week. We are lucky at the EMRC to have access to the Swan River which is just a stone throw away; it makes for a great outdoor experience. This morning we had a group of 9 up early and ready for a morning out!

See the attached which was handed out to staff individually to let them know what's happening during bike week. Handing out something individually was engaging for each staff member so they could ask questions and now they know exactly what is happening. We will be sharing each activity with the Your Move champions so feel free to follow along and enjoy bike week with us, what a week to look forward to!

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Kylie (Your Move)

Wow! A whole week of planned activities to celebrate Bike Week and help nudge staff of all abilities back on their bikes - I love it. You have earned 40 activity points for getting involved in Bike Week and 30 bonus points for reflection - great tips on how to make Bike Week accessible for all fitness levels - and for sharing your handout with us. Can' t wait to hear how all the events went.

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