At the EMRC we run the Achieving Carbon Emission Reduction (ACER) program, is a necessity for our Member Council’s education, monitoring and mitigation of Carbon Emissions. The EMRC, in collaboration with its Member Councils, have prepared individual Emission Reduction Plans that are governed by a carbon management framework, encompassing a cyclic process of continued monitoring, review and improvement.

As part of the ACER program, actions are reviewed and progressed towards reducing carbon emissions within corporation assets. This led to the development of the Energy and Emissions Reduction Strategy (EERS) and the Emission and Energy Reduction Plan (EERP) that implement actions identified through staff consultation.

Part of the Emission and Energy Reduction Plan includes actions, for people, buildings, facilities and fleet vehicles. Some actions include:
- Encourage staff to use alternative transport options to travel to external meetings such as public transport, active transport, webinar options and carpooling.
- Continue measuring, monitoring and reporting on corporate energy use and carbon emissions.
- Annually implement an education and behaviour change program to influence the behaviour of Council officers, local residents and businesses within the municipality to drive the shift towards renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport.
- Continue to purchase fuel efficient vehicles/equipment, and monitor opportunities to purchase or trial lower emissions vehicles, electric/hybrid vehicles.

It is important through our relationships to encourage best sustainability practices, especially to use alternative transport or explore different travel options. Councils are considered leading organisations for the community and it is important that best practice is displayed and conducted to influence change in our environment.

In 2019 fleet emissions accounted for 27% of the total carbon footprint in some Councils. It is important that emissions continue to be tracked and measured with the aim to decrease our carbon emissions from fleet vehicles. Decreasing fleet emissions can start by a simple gesture of encouraging our Councils to use different modes of transport such as riding a bike or car pooling to more complex solution such as using electric/hybrid vehicles.

Our staff are working with our member Councils to help improve the environment by reducing our carbon emissions on a regional scale.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing this story on your Energy and Emissions Reduction Strategy and Plan. It sounds very comprehensive and I can see that your YM involvement could have a significant impact seeing as in some councils transport makes up such a large proportion on emissions. You have just earned 100 points as part of our Planet A promotion!

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