The EMRC drives the provision of integrated transport planning initiatives aimed at providing an efficient, safe, sustainable and integrated transport network in Perth’s Eastern Region. Currently, transport emissions contribute approximately 17% of the Region’s total emissions and so EMRC has been researching strategies to improve transport sustainability and reduce emissions.

The EMRC’s Sustainability Strategy, endorsed by Council in May 2022, sets a goal of below zero emissions by 2040. The EMRC aims to mitigate this through advocating for mode shift (public transport and active transport) and increased use of zero emission fuels, and by reducing emissions from our operational vehicles, plant and equipment. The EMRC currently have Hybrid vehicles.

The EMRC is investigating installation of electric vehicle charging stations at our administration and operational sites for visitors and future electric fleet vehicles. The EMRC has submitted an EOI to participate in WALGA’s collaborative ARENA Future Fuels Program application which, if successful, will see charging stations installed at each of our sites, and the purchase of BEV pool cars to replace our petrol and diesel fueled fleet vehicles.

EMRC is also continuing to investigate feasible options for heavy vehicles for our operational sites, including hydrogen fuel, biodiesel, and BEV options, including identifying funding opportunities.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Tarni - and welcome back to Your Move for 2022 😁! Wow - aiming for BELOW zero emissions is brilliant. Great to see EMRC raising the bar. It is also good to see you looking to participate in the WALGA ARENA Future Fuels Program - submitting that application has earned you 40 points and you have earned another 10 for suppling all the informative background information.

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