The Regional Road Safety Report Card (RRSRC) is one of a number of initiatives undertaken by the EMRC to support the development of a safe, efficient and effective transport system that supports and enhances the Region’s economic, social and environmental wellbeing.

In 2020, the EMRC released a Regional Road Safety Plan. The plan identifies safety risks and actions through awareness raising, advocating for improvements to roads and roadsides and supporting local government submissions to the state and federal Government’s Black Spot Programs. The RRSRC compliments the plan by shortlisting the roads and road intersections that are a priority.

This RRSRC 2021 shows the number and the nature of the road crashes in the Region based on the crash statistics. The data enables the EMRC, our member Councils and other transport stakeholders to understand the vulnerable areas in the Region that need suitable safety measures to provide a safe road transport network in the Perth’s Eastern Region. The Card displays the number of ‘killed or seriously injured’ crashes, the types of vehicles involved, crash types, road features involved and a map highlighting the crash hotspots in the Region.

The EMRC, through our strong networks and relationships, with our Regional Integrated Transport Strategy Implementation Advisory Group and member Councils work together to understand prominent issues in our networks and how we can undertake these with the help of the community.

It is important that we support community understanding and participation in effective road safety initiatives. Initiatives such as the RRSRC help put data and figures in an easy to read manner, as we found data on its own can be difficult to interpret. It was important that we used graphics and infographics to display the data to a diverse target audience. Reporting is important to help our stakeholders and community understand the seriousness of crash impacts and acknowledge the reductions in fatalities from previous years.

Gaining data which is accurate and current was an initial concern while creating the RRSRC. It was vital that the data in our Region represented the present so the community and stakeholders can grasp the true impact safety can have on our roads. We overcame this by analysing data by Main Roads WA and by communicating with our stakeholders. It was imperative to involve our stakeholders throughout the research process, to be able to make sure the RRSRC was supported.

Improving road safety for all road users across our Region is a priority for the EMRC and hence to understand whether road safety improvements are working it is essential we continuously review and report on road crash data.

In line with our Regional Road Safety Plan and the data found within our research initiatives the EMRC are working towards safer roads and roadsides for our community and local Councils.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing this important work Tarnika. The infographics work really well. Is there a report that goes along with it too? It is positive to see that there appears to be a general trend for a reduction in serious accidents from 2015 to 2019. You have earned 20 points for the wider benefits of this work to local governments and another 10 points for your detailed outline.

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James (Your Move)

BTW - great to see you back in 2021 😊! Don't forget to let us know if you have done any planning with your colleagues for any active travel promo activities in the workplace.

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