The EMRC Bike Week Quiz was all about getting individual staff members to take a 5 minute break out of their day and test their knowledge surrounding bikes. By testing their knowledge about bikes it promoted active thinking about bike travel, bike parts, bike rules and bike history!

Creating the quiz on Survey Monkey allowed for quick creation, access and distribution. The Bike Week Quiz was 20 questions long, with a surprise riddle question about bicycles at the end. Survey Monkey has a Quiz platform where scores can be automatically calculated and has analyses components which are easily used.

Personalising the quiz was key in maintaining the bike week theme! Promotion material which was supplied by the DoT was used as a background and the colour theme was adapted throughout. Engaging people with easy access, colourful promotion and bike related questions was helpful in gaining participation rates. Plus people like to be competitive and there is nothing like a little competition between co-workers to win a prize.

By introducing active thinking surrounding bikes it created opportunity for people to become more accustomed to the idea of riding, it might not be straight away but may happen in the future. Check out the bike week quiz which EMRC used during bike week by clicking here.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Tarnika, I love the way you've used 'active thinking' to encourage active travel. We don't have a quiz based activity on our list (something for us to look into) so I haven't awarded you any activity points but I have given you 20 points for making it really easy for other people to replicate (by providing the quiz and explaining what you did) and another 30 for innovation. Now will you share the answer to the riddle???

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Thanks Kylie! It was a great activity! Well a hint to the answer - when it is not really bicycles at all but bicycle playing cards...a trick question to keep people guessing!

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