Bike Education

Kirrily Atkins
Eden Hill Primary School

October was bike month and during that time students in Year 4 at Eden Hill Primary learnt about all things Bikes!
They gained skills in bike maintenance - following the steps of the ABC Quick check, where they successfully performed an inspection on their own bikes.

The Year 4s also covered bike safety and how to safely ride on a footpath and the road as well as how to wear helmets correctly following the 2V1 rule. Using bells and hand signals were practiced, including, the sneaky point behind their back indicating "hazard ahead I'm going around it on my the left."

Students were invited to ride in the Basso Cylopedia- a scavenger hunt on bikes through the Town of Bassendean as well as attend the have a go day at The Bayswater Skate and BMX park, where riders could get tips and test their skills on a variety of elements throughout the park. Students had a wheelie good time!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your Bike Month Bike Ed sessions Kirrily - you have earned 80 points, plus 10 for your story details. Did you run the sessions in-house or did someone come in to run them? Great to hear that some of the students were able to also participate in the local activities run by the Town of Bassendean.

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The sessions were run in-house by our awesome PE specialist.

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James (Your Move)

Great to hear Kirrily!

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