Choosing Our Your Move Team

Kirrily Atkins

The 2021 Eden Hill Your Move Team were thrilled to receive a gold accreditation for 2021 and got a big kick out of sticking it onto our Your Move Board.

Enthusiasm and competition was tight this year at Eden Hill Primary School as the Year 5 cohort eagerly applied to become members of the 2022 Your Move Team.

The previous Your Move Team members had a chat to the Year 5s and explained the purpose of the Your Move Team, and answering many questions about sustainable travel and looking after our environment.

A huge amount of students completed a written application about what sustainability meant to them. 6 lucky team members have been chosen to receive their badge and Your Move tee-shirt at our next assembly.


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James (Your Move)

Welcome back for another year Claire! Great to see Eden Hill has a 2022 team in the wings, ready to go - that has earned you 60 points! Nice to hear too that your accreditation sticker is in place - let us know if you have a celebration of that with the school (perhaps at the upcoming assembly?). See you soon 😊.

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