Constable Care School excursion

Kirrily Atkins
Eden Hill Primary School

Last year, Eden Hill was fortunate enough to receive a Connecting Schools Grant and we chose to send our Year 3 students to Constable Care School, in Maylands.

This was the FIRST excursion for this cohort at Eden Hill! You can imagine their excitement at the prospect of finally going on an excursion.

At 9am on Tuesday, 26th March, 2 teachers, 2 parent volunteers and 54 students excitedly boarded 2 buses bound for the Constable Care School in Maylands.

Here, they were divided into 2 groups and went through various safety lessons. They learned how to correctly fit their helmets and bike, how to negotiate hazards they may encounter in real life as pedestrians and cyclists and learned to make safer choices.

Here are some thoughts from a few Year 3 students who attended:

Isabelle – I enjoyed riding on the bikes and waiting for the pedestrians to cross the zebra crossing.

Caley – I liked stopping at the traffic lights and then walking across when the pedestrian crossing was green.

Scarlett - My favourite part was when we got to ride the bikes.

Phoenix - I learned to follow the road rules and don't overtake others.

Sage - My favourite part was being a pedestrian.

Harry C: The best thing about the excursion was the bike riding. I learnt how to use a pedestrian crossing.

Jaxon: The best part was when we were riding a bike. I learnt that there is technology under the ground we ride and walk on.

We are ever so grateful to the Department of Transport for generously giving grants to schools, enabling students to experience the Constable Care Safety School.

THANK YOU from Eden Hill Primary School!

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi Kirrily. Thankyou for sharing details of the first excursion for the Year 3's. It's lovely to see all the positive comments about how much they like riding their bikes or 'being pedestrians'!! Eden Hill PS has earned 20 points for acquitting a DOT grant and a further 10 points for sharing detailed news of the big day out!

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi again Kirrily. Eden Hill PS has also earned 50 points for the Constable Care Excursion 👮‍♂️😁, along with another 5 points for including some of the Year 3's thoughts on the day!

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