Dress Up your Bike Day- Try # 2!

Kirrily Atkins

The Eden Hill Your Move Team were excited to be given permission to hold a Dress Up your Bike Day in order to promote sustainable forms of transport.

We decided our first step was to publicise it. We wrote an article for our School newsletter which was published on Thursday.

We also decided to have a poster competition to advertise the event. We are going to ask the kids at Eden Hill Primary School to design a Dress Up Your Bike Day poster and we will give the winner a prize from our Your Move box of cool stuff.

We got to announce the competition on the PA!

We can’t wait to judge the posters which are due in on Friday 17th June.

By Thomas, Emily, Isla, Mia and Sunny.

Eden Hill Your Move Team

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James (Your Move)

That is excellent news Claire - we look forward to hearing how the event goes in a few weeks. Great to see the team out there promoting the event too - you have earned 22 points for your Newsletter promo, 25 points for launching your poster comp, and another 10 points for sharing all the details here 😊!

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