Dress Up Your Bike Poster Competition

Kirrily Atkins

Mrs Durkin was “gobsmacked” by how many kids entered the Your Move Dress up Your Bike Day Poster Competition. She reckons she has never seen so much school participation and she was really happy.

There were almost one hundred posters drawn and we had a really hard time choosing three winners.

Congratulations to Misham, Rosie and Ruby.

The lucky winners won either a drink bottle, bike bell or torch and they were really excited!

We can’t wait to judge the Dress Up Your Bike Day bikes on Friday and give the winner a back pack full of Your Move Stuff and everyone who participates a raffle ticket to win another prize.

By Isla, Emily, Thomas, Sunny and Mia

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James (Your Move)

Hi Isla, Emily, Thomas, Sunny, Mia and Mrs Durkin. I can see why Mrs Durkin was so happy with the entries and why it must have been so hard to judge the winners! What a successful promotion for your big day on Friday - can't wait to hear how that goes 😃!

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