Eden Hill Update

Kelli Freind
Eden Hill Primary School

The Your Move team has settled nicely into their role. Each Monday, we have a weekly meeting and planning session to discuss our Your Move agenda. We have defined the issues we need to address and the team have developed a timetable in order to share their role and responsibilities.

The team is now responsible for collecting the Happy Feet (active travel day) data for each class, recording it and uploading it to the Your Move website. The data is emailed to our Associate Principal, who adds this to the school's assembly presentation. They then write out the certificate and present it at the following week's assembly. Twice a week, the team is on the crosswalk, handing out raffle tickets that will be entered into the draw to win a Your Move prize.

Each fortnight the Your Move team present an item at assembly. They share the Happy Feet data and encourage students to continue to choose sustainable methods of getting to school. They also draw the winning raffle ticket for safe crosswalk use.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your jam packed update Kelli. On top of the 25 points you got for the "Define your issues" activity, you also received 10 for your team meetings, 25 for the assemblies and of course the big 90 points for continuing your regular Happy Feet days. Great stuff - it sounds like a really slick operation! Do you still have the 'Happy Feet' sport bucket?

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