Kindy Bike Safety

Kirrily Atkins

After attending the Constable Care Safety School, the Eden Hill Your Move Team held a short session on bike safety with the Kindy students. They prepared for this session for several weeks, brainstorming how the session would go, what they would focus on.

The session with the team introducing themselves and talking a little about what the Your Move Team does and explaining what sustainablity is. They also talked briefly about the benefits of exercise for our bodies, and how riding can help to reduce pollution and road traffic.

After the introduction, they read the fabulously fun book, 'The Bike Lesson' by Stan and Jan Berenstain. Each team member took turns reading, remembering to stop and ask questions about what the 'lessons' were in the story.

At the end of the story, they allowed a few minutes for any questions and a short discussion about what happened in the story - what should we remember when riding our bikes?

The Kindy group was then moved outside so they could use the bikes/trikes to model unsafe and safe bike behaviour. (Coincidentally, the bikes had been a 'gift' to the Kindy area from a previous Your Move Team!)

The session concluded with the Team asking for volunteers to demonstrate safe riding practises around the bike track.

This was a wonderful experience for the Your Move Team and a great way to build their confidence. We chose to hold it immediately after the Constable Care excursion so the information was fresh in the minds of the team members - their main focus being on bike and road safety. The Kindy students loved it just as much as the Your Move Team.

Next up, the team will be producing an article for the school newsletter on their exploits this past week! Stay tuned...

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James (Your Move)

This is absolutely brilliant Kirrily! The team have really 'value added' to the Constable Care incursion and have demonstrated their leadership capacity - well done everyone 😊. They have earned 40 points for running these sessions, 20 bonus 'outstanding' points for it really being 3 sessions in 1, 10 points for their meetings this term where they prepared and you have early 20 points for your detailed and informative story! Have a super weekend everyone 😁.

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