National Ride to School Day & Dress Up Your Bike Day at Eden Hill PS

Kirrily Atkins
Eden Hill Primary School

Last year, we held our Dress Up Your Bike Day in conjunction with National Ride to School Day. While it was a great success, it delayed our whole school assembly. This year we made a decision to hold our Dress Up Your Bike event the day before, with the winner being announced at the school assembly.

On Thursday 21st March, the Your Move Team arrived at school early to help arrange the bikes in the quadrangle as they arrived. Our Deputy Principal was a great support on the day, by taking photos and helping the Your Move Team arrange the bikes for display on the quadrangle.

Judging the winners was a challenging task! There were so many great creations to choose from. There were 6 members of the Your Move Team helping out, so each member selected their favourite bike (some selected the same one) and the winners were chosen from those bikes.

Classes were invited to have a look at the enterants before they were locked in the bike shed at recess.

The winning design was the glorious floral bike. This Year 2 student won a $100 voucher from 99 Bikes.

The Up themed bike was runner up and won a backpack full of Your Move goodies. He was also the runner up last year!!

At the whole school assembly on Friday, the winner and runner up were announced.

Each year it gets bigger and better. We can't wait to see the marvelous creations that will appear next year!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kirrily - great to see that the "problem" resulted in another day being dedicated to bikes at Eden Hill 😀. And just look at all those bike lined up! What a super event - you have earned 20 points (plus 20 for your detailed outline of how it all went) and also 30 points for including active travel in your assembly. Make sure you let us know how NR2SD went on Friday to get the 40 points for that too!

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