WA Bike Month at Eden Hill 2023

Kirrily Atkins
Eden Hill Primary School

During the first meeting for Term 4, the Your Move Team decided to hold a raffle for those students riding/scooting safely to school during WA Bike Month. They selected 2 mornings each week and went to the bike shed and wrote raffle tickets for those students riding and scooting safely WITH their helmets.

In Weeks 2, 3 and 4, they drew one lucky winner from the tickets. Each of the three winners won a Your Move backpack filled with goodies.

They also decided to hold a colouring-in competition for the whole school. They had a separate colouring in for the Kindy and PP students, and another for the whole school.

This was judged at the Your Move meeting in Week 4. It was tough selecting the winners.

Five winners were chosen. One from each: Kindy and PP, Years 1 & 2, Years 3 & 4, and Years 5 & 6.

They were announced during the Week 4 assembly and presented with a Your Move drink bottle and a few other bits and pieces.

The Your Move Team loves holding competitions and raffles to encourage active travel!

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James (Your Move)

Its all happening at Eden Hill this term - great stuff everyone 😁. You have earned 50 points for your raffle rewards for those using their bike last month, 40 points for your colouring in comp and promotions during bike month and 10 for your story details. Oh, yes and 10 for the team meetings! Great to hear how much the team enjoyed their activities in Bike Month. Have a wonderful weekend everyone 😊.

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