Your Move @ EHPS - Term 3 Update

Kelli Freind
Eden Hill Primary School

What a busy year it has been at Eden Hill PS. We have achieved many of our Your Move goals. In Term One, we visited the Year 5 classrooms and discovered high level of interest in our environment. There was lots of interest in the prospect of becoming a Your Move team member. In order to choose the Eden Hill PS Your Move team, students had to complete an application form. From this, we had the difficult job of choosing only six Your Move team members.

The students were announced at assembly and presented with their Your Move team badges. The have been working hard attending Your Move team meetings. Students volunteer to meet one a week at lunch time to discuss the current issues and their roles and responsibilities as a Your Move team members. In Term One they decided to focus on:

· Modelling and targeting sustainable choices and behaviour.

· Rewarding students for using sustainable methods to get to school

· Using an iPad to collect, analyse and submit Happy Feet (active travel day) data on a weekly basis using the Your Move website.

· Delivering the Happy Feet prize each week.

· Photographing and presenting 'Caught on the Crosswalk' media and newsletter presentations.

· Delivering short presentations and reports at assembly

· Identifying school needs and using Your Move reward points appropriately to address them.

Due to COVID19, the team has been unable to photograph and present 'Caught on the Crosswalk' media and newsletter presentations. They are looking to be being able to return to the cross walk to hand out raffle tickets to people using the cross walk correctly and making sustainable travel choices.

They are looking forward to their next contribution to the school’s newsletter and posting stories on the Your Move website.

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James (Your Move)

It seems like Eden Hill has been a bit of a dark horse! Quietly beavering away in the background but keeping it all secret!! Great to have you back again in 2020 and to hear all the great stuff you have been up to. Starting up your team, having assembly items in term 1, running your regular Happy Feet day, considering your issues and coming up with a plan, and having regular meetings in term 1 - well it earned you a huge 210 YM activity points. Giving us all the details too has earned you another 10 points too! Now that school life is a bit more back to normal we'll be watching closely to see how term 3 goes at Eden Hill.

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