In the past week, our school has been taking part in Bike Education lessons. Students in Year 5 have begun by learning how to head look, pedal from power position and ride in a controlled way. The lessons have been taking place on the basketball courts and the children have had lots of fun so far. Here's a run down of what we've learnt.

1. Head Looking - This is useful when you are crossing a road or moving onto different terrain. The students have practiced this by riding down the court and looking back to read a random number. See the photo below.

2. Power Position - This is very helpful when getting off to a controlled and powerful start when riding. Students decided which was their strongest (power) foot and were reminded to use this foot on the top pedal when starting to ride.

3. Controlled Riding - This is where students ride down a track and have to come to a controlled stop at a set point, marked by a tennis ball on a cone.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Mark - it's good to see Floreat Park getting right into the Bike Skills sessions. You got a few extra points for this story as Bike Skills training is worth 80 points rather than the 20 points you automatically got for linking to the Obstacle Course activity. Keep having fun and keep the stories coming!

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