Well our November survey didn't bring the news we wanted to hear. Sadly it has delivered the worst results since we began our journey a few years ago! Compared to our March survey there has been a 12% drop in active travelers to school. On reflection, we do wonder if the recent weather has influenced parents' choices how their children come to school, not to mention a couple of "stranger danger" situations that have occurred locally. So for us it is back to the planning board to be ready for action in 2021!

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I had the same issue. Dropped by 17% on a cold, rainy day so I re-surveyed a couple days later on a warm, sunny day ... was still 11% down from February.

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Just one moment (or day) in time, Donna. Maybe try a few through the term, to get a "feel" for what is happening. No better way to deflect the perceived unsafe streets is to get lots more (children & adults) out walking & cycling. Sounds like just the time for YM to come to the rescue!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Donna - Julia and Arlene both make good points. The weather can be a factor, but there are many others too. One idea I have had for a while is to supplement each hands-up survey with a count of bikes in the bike rack - I'd love to see if it correlates well with the survey results, as that could help eliminate the idea of there being errors in the HUS. The good news is you got another 50 points for uploading your results. I also added a 5 points bonus to your story for your reflection.

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