Full bike and scooter racks!

Donna Jarvinen

We held our Ride to School Day today and our bike and scooter racks are full! We had over 35% of our students wheel or walk their way to school today. Oh how we'd love to see this everyday! Each of these students received a sticker, a piece of fruit (kindly provided by a local business at a reduced cost). We also kept a tally and held a class competition. The winning class from Pre-primary had 81% of their students ride, scoot or walk! A huge thank you to our student councillors and our principal who were happy helpers this morning.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Donna - it is always great to hear about full bike parking 😊. Well done pulling together what sounds like a wonderful event! You have earned 40 points for your NR2SD event, 10 points for sharing those details and another 10 for including your participation rate. Is active travel a regular part of your student councillor's role? If so, perhaps you could introduce us to them and earn points for the activity "Start a student team and have your first meeting" 😉.

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