We finally got around to completing our survey today and the results have been great! There has been another decrease in car travel (4%) which tells us that our Your Move initiatives are becoming imbedded in ongoing active travel behaviour. Although the percentage of children walking to school was down today, our "wheelers" had increased by a massive 50%!! Now that is something to celebrate, YAY!!! It's from here that our 2020 Your Move journey begins ...

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back for the new year Donna! I'm glad to hear that you have got your HUS uploaded (that would have automatically given you 50 points for the first survey of the year). I have also given you a bonus 5 points for your reflective celebration of the results. Now that you have done your HUS you will become eligible for a Connecting Schools grant worth $799 once you hit Silver level (and worth even more if you reach higher levels)!

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