Hands up Survey Comparison

Jessica Sandhu

We completed a hands up survey for travel on 24th November 2023. When compared with November 2022, our results showed an increase of car travel. Although not ideal, this is understandable as weather wise, Perth was in the middle of a heat wave. Understandably, more students chose the cooler comfort of the car than the hot bitumen.

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James (Your Move)

Not so fast Jessica - looking that chart it shows a 5% REDUCTION in car trips (it IS worded a little ambiguously though, so I can understand the confusion). You also had 13% increase in walking and 58% increase in cycling - so it all looks rather good especially if this was on a super hot day 😁. You have earned 10 points for sharing your reflections here, and you also got 50 points when you submitted your results. Have a great Friday 😊!

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