Our day at the Constable Care Safety School

Jessica Sandhu

Last year we applied and were successful in gaining a Gold Level Smart Grant. We used this grant to take all our Year 1 students to the Constable Care Safety School on Thursday 19th March. We utilised the grant to pay for the bus as well as entry into the Safety School.

It is safe to say, our students loved it! What an educational experience with a lot of enjoyment. Our Year 1 students have been made more aware of safety on roads. For some students, it was the first time they have ever ridden a bike. The students were really excited when they came back. Not being able to attend the excursion myself, I had a chat to the classes when they returned. The buzz was fantastic. Two students commented they were worried at first about riding a bike but were so happy they did it, even with training wheels. One of the boys commented that it was like a little town with lots of traffic signs. The parents who attended were really impressed with the program and were grateful their child had the opportunity to learn in such a great interactive environment.

One class performed their assembly item based on the excursion and sang the song, 'Bike Safety Boogie" to remind others about the use of helmets, and use of hand signals when riding bikes.

A few Year 1 parents who didn't attend have commented that it has increased their child's confidence in riding a bike. Students also have been reminding parents of rules when crossing the road with a bike, or as a pedestrian. We have noted a couple more Year 1s walking/riding to school with their parents (before the wet weather hit).

There is not much that we would change in the lead up to the excursion apart from asking for riding experience on the parent permission slip. This would have given us an idea of how many students had never ridden a bike.

We would like to say than you to Your Move and Department of Transport for this awesome opportunity. We hope that the Year 1 students will continue to use the skills and knowledge gained from the sessions.

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi Jessica. Another great day out at Constable Care's Headquarters. Kids just 🥰🥰 this place. We are happy to hear the day went well. Points awarded: apply for a grant (20), acquit a grant (20), Constable Care Safety School excursion (50) and 20 points for this great, informative story! 😉

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