Today we celebrated Walk Safely to School Day with our students. Our students could wear crazy socks today as a part of the fun, highlighting our 'leg power' is a great way to get to school. We ended up cancelling our original plan of a walking school bus, as advertised in our newsletter article, due to the weather forecasters predicting rain. Well, it ended up being a beautiful day, so it was great to still see lots of students walking and getting their star cards stamped as a part of Wheel or Walk Friday. Everyone who walked also received a Walk Safely to School tattoo.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Hi Jessica. Gosh the weather can be unpredictable huh! We highly encourage schools to continue their Active Travel promotion through all non extreme weather days. Thankfully in Perth, that only strikes off a couple of 43+C days in the year from the calendar. Great to hear the day was still a success. That's 40 points for National Walk Safely to School Day and 25 for newsletter item! Congrats.

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