On Friday 19th March, to complete our week for National Road Safety, our students were encouraged to walk (or ride) safely to school. Our school's P and C also joined us in promoting a healthy breakfast to order. They also provided updates of the coming event on their P and C Facebook page. We also reminded students of the upcoming events for National Road Safety Week in our newsletter which included our Constable Care incursions. Our principal Mr Holmes also gave reminder messages at the junior and senior assembly and in his address in the newsletter. Walk Safely to School Day was a success with lots of students happy to earn their tattoo and extra star on their star card.

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James (Your Move)

A bit off topic - but I love those toilet doors 😊. And great to learn too that NWS2SD has been going for 24 years! School newsletters are so revealing 😁. You have earned 22 points for these promos, 10 for the social media, 40 for your event day and another 10 for including all the copies of the newsletter/FB posts. Have a wonderful week!

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