It was fantastic weather for Walk 2 School Day and it was fabulous to see so many of our families making the most of it and walking to school! We were not sure how many would participate as we had 2 classes on an excursion, NAPLAN online happening and the biggest obstacle of them all ... no crossing guard at the main road near the school! Nevertheless over 120 children made the decision to choose active transport on that morning. We asked them what they had seen or heard on their way to school and the children drew or wrote their responses on posters. Once again our hard working Your Move student team rose to the occasion and made sure the morning ran smoothly.

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James (Your Move)

Isn't it amazing when it all just works out? I love the poster activity you linked into the event. You have received 40 points for your W2SD. I've given you a bonus 10 points for including all the details, especially your poster idea. There was another little bonus too of 5 points for sharing that you had 120 happy participants!

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Thank you Donna for sharing a great idea with the posters. I love the different means of describing what was seen &/or heard. I'm going to take this to our Team & see what they think!

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Wow what an amazing result, despite the obstacles! Love how you collated the responses from the children and a great way to get the students to reflect on their walk and what can be gained from this experience. Nice work Forest Crescent PS.

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Thanks everyone! It was really lovely listening to the children's conversations as they were drawing and writing.

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