Wheel or Walk Wednesday is back for 2020!

Donna Jarvinen

We finally got started with our Wheel or Walk Wednesday this week and Aliah, Hayley and Kaya were very busy handing out cards. I asked the girls why they wanted to be a part of the Your Move team at our school and these are their replies ...

Aliah - I can't usually walk or ride, but doing this job makes me feel like I'm doing something to help others ride or walk.

Hayley - I don't usually get chosen to help with a lot of stuff at school so I wanted to try and help out with something different.

Kaya - I wanted to do this job because you get to say "Hi" to everyone and meet new kids.

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James (Your Move)

Those quotes are really sweet - and it is always a good reminder to hear straight from the horses' mouths how important the social benefits are to our primary stakeholders - the kids. I have relinked your story to the "Regular AT Day - Term 1" activity which is worth a huge 90 points, plus you got a bonus of 5 for sharing Aliah, Kaya and Hayley's perspectives. Make sure you keep us up to date each term with how your Wheel or Walk Wednesdays progress.

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