Wheel or Walk Wednesday Review

Donna Jarvinen

It has been an amazing year for our wheelers and walkers! Many, many prizes have been awarded throughout the year - 183 to be exact. (I must remember to take photos of these next year.) We had 13 amazing students who wheeled or walked every Wednesday! All star cards now go into our end of year prize draw at our final assembly. We are very fortunate to have our local MLA, Chris Tallentire, donate money for prizes and vouchers!

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James (Your Move)

I re-linked your story to the "Regular AT day promotion" activity Donna, which is worth a BIG 90 points. Chris Tallentire has always been a big supporter of TravelSmart and Your Move - so I'm very happy to hear he is still involved. Don't forget to update us with your assembly item before the end of year!

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