Here, There and Everywhere

Kat Sherwin
Galactic Cooperative

Svelto Bikes and our parent company, Galactic Cooperative, moved premises back in September and it was time to figure out where we are! Our weekly meeting featured Kat taking us through some public transport options for various staff, tailored to individual staff members' locations and needs. We discussed the logistics of combining different forms of transport such as car-train, bus-walk, and bike-train. We talked about how to fit errands and meetings into our commute plans and how to factor in the peak hour restrictions on taking your bike on the train (we all want this to change!)

Kat is really beginning to enjoy this format of small-scale public speaking and relishes the opportunity to help people with topics they might not have had the time to investigate, such as public and active commuting options. She's realised that you never know when your knowledge might be really ground-breaking to someone else, so don't assume that your knowledge is "common" or not worth sharing. It's always good to open the conversation.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Kat, I've given you additional activity points for promoting active travel options to your new staff. An office relocation is a great opportunity to talk to people about how they get to work! I've also give you bonus points for reflection. I agree that we often assume that people know what we know, so opening conversation can reveal a world of possibilities. Thanks for sharing (now just one more story and activity before 12 December in you are in the running for a bonus 700 points!).

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Thanks Kylie! I try to always reflect on the deeper implications of what we're doing, so that when I share stories people have a place to start with their conversations and contemplations.

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