Local Flavour - Svelto Lunchtime Ride

Kat Sherwin
Galactic Cooperative

The Svelto team made time from the busy atmosphere in the Cooperative headquarters to head over the road to Tomato Lake and find out some more about its recent history. Like all local wetlands, the area was an important hunting ground and meeting place for Noongar Whadjuk people, until colonial times. In the early 1900s a local poultry farmer and prominent figure grew tomatoes in the fertile swampy ground in the drier months and the resulting fruit was so impressive that people started referring to the place as Tomato Lake.

The lake is now an important breeding ground for waterbirds, with swans, ibis, pacific black ducks, blue-billed ducks and more appearing year-round. The 1.6km loop of the lake is a pleasant, accessible path incorporating a boardwalk and gazebo that overlooks the lake, and is now a Sri Chinmoy Harmony Run. These runs are part of the Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms Programme and include sites are all over the world, ranging from world-class heritage sites, spectacular architecture, and places like Tomato Lake - havens of peace and natural interest right in people's backyards.

We had a really lovely time, taking a leisurely pace to pedal around the water and stop to enjoy the baby birds, the impressive trees, and stop at the cafe for lunch. We'll definitely be making this a regular addition to our schedule.

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David (Your Move)

Thanks Kat. A staff social ride is a great idea that others could copy, so we will add it as Your Move activity (and give you extra points). Sounds like staff enjoyed the chance to explore by bicycle. And now I know how Tomato Lake got its name.

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Thanks David (Your Move)! I wish I knew how to reply to your comment or @ you but I just have to hope you see this. I love that you're thinking of adding a staff social ride as an activity type, that's amazing! We like to do things with a twist here at Galactic/Svelto!

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