Remote bike ride event Gascoyne Junction

Gascoyne Junction Remote Community School

In conjunction with National Road Safety Week the Shire of Upper Gascoyne hosted a free bike ride event (Amazing Race style) on the 18th November. The Gascoyne Junction School children were invited to participate in the event along with some of the children who live on Stations. The children had to ride to different spots and answer clues, bob for apples, complete puzzles and find sheriff badges in order to move onto the next location. After the bike event the children went back over to the school to complete some bike skills training and analysis and were awarded with certificates. A couple of weeks leading up to the event our Teacher taught road safety awareness and took the children for bike rides in the mornings to learn about road rules as part of their morning fitness.

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James (Your Move)

Hello Christine and everyone at Gascoyne Junction and welcome to Your Move Schools! I'm James - I review each story posted to ensure you don't miss out on any points and to help with any queries. You have managed to fit quite a few activities into your first story - well done. Firstly you earned 12 points for your initial post, 40 points for running the Amazing Race event, 80 points for your Bike Ed training sessions and another 60 points for your Road Safety lessons. Not a bad start! I also inserted your image directly into the story and manually gave you the extra 3 points you normally automatically get for doing that. Well, have a wonderful last few weeks of school and see you next year!

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What an update! Thanks for sharing this great story. I look forward to reading more in 2021. Don't forget to unlock some items from the Rewards shop to use as prizes in 2021.

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