Awarding ourselves an 'A' grade!

Fiona Angelatos
Geraldton PS

A whopping 166 students chose active travel (bike, scoot, skate, bus, walk) for our Ride to School Day last Friday. That's 48% of the school and a significant increase since our initial 'hands up' survey of 21%. That accounts for at least 80 less cars coming to school, alleviating traffic congestion and doing wonders for student health and the environment!

A big success on the day was our 'park and ride' initiative (a response to a parent survey) to provide a viable option for families living more than 5km from school. Thirty students and at least twenty family members joined the sunny ride from our Foreshore to school. The mass group of yellow shirts was a public stand out as they rode through town to school. On arrival, students joined the 'carnival' like queues for a morning of breakfast, apple slinkies, the popular 'bike smoothie' maker that used pedal power and our bike mechanic session.

Health promotion officers from Foodbank and Cancer Council, as members of our committee, were also key champions on the day supporting these activities.

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James (Your Move)

Alongside all those photos of everyone having fun, that shrunken dark blue section in the survey results says it all Fiona - you have nailed it with a hugely fun event and achieving great outcomes! Your Ride to School day earned you 40 points, plus 20 for sharing the resultant travel behaviour change results and another 10 for giving us another good read. As this survey was on a 'special event' day, it would be great if you can do another one on a 'normal' day before the end of year so you can see the impacts of your efforts over the medium term. Also it seems you might have tried to embed a video - if so, let me know and we can try to get that working. Geraldton PS definitely deserves that 'A' grade!

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Trevor (Your Move)

What an amazing day! It looks like you all had a great time spreading the active transport message.. even past the stunning beach and right through town in a yellow peloton! Fiona I got the video uploaded and it looks particularly impressive! Well done guys.

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This is amazing, love the pictures. Really impressed at the improvement in your schools active transport methods of this event. Looking forward to having our own 'fun day' with our students in 2021 you have given me a lot of great ideas. . .

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Thanks for the postive commenst. We certainly understand the need for longer term behavioural change so will continue with other intitiaves to keep 'em coming on bikes (and other active travel modes)!

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