Ride 2 School Day

Fiona Angelatos
Geraldton PS

Another successful R2S Day for us. We achieved 52% of the school population choosing active transport, with car trips down from 70% to 47%, and biking up from 10% to 35%, compared to a few weeks prior. This was our second R2SD in the past two terms and we noticed a larger number of the younger years represented this time, which we hope brings about longer behavioural conversion to active transport. Like last time, we promoted and held the Park and Ride option, catering for families living further afield. Over half chose this option including some Pre-Primary students, pedalling their little hearts out to ride the 1km to school! The Park and Ride provides a great visual PR to the community as it starts on our community foreshore and follows the cycleway through the CBD to school. On arrival, they were welcomed by the student committee in their bright vests and activities, including: refreshments, prize draw for YM prizes and the bike smoothie maker (students have to pedal the stationery bike connected to the blender) supported by a Cancer Council promotions officer and YM committee member and dietitian, Cath).

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James (Your Move)

What a day Fiona! So much fun, and such great results! You have earned 40 points for your R2SD celebration, 25 points for including a Park & Ride option, 15 points for your participation rate analysis (that is a huge reduction in car trips!) and 10 points for the "great read" factor! It seems there are a couple of issues with the FB link and videos - I've asked my colleague Trevor to help you out with that. Have a lovely week!

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